Some of your Questions:

Question: How do I know that I have successfully booked my taxi?

After having submitted your reservation through our on-line booking system, you will receive a booking confirmation message at the email you have given us and/or a confirmation SMS οn your mobile phone. If you haven΄t received the confirmation message the reservation hasn’t been made yet.

Question: How can I find my taxi driver at the airport?

The appointed taxi driver will be waiting for you in the Arrival’s lounge at the estimated arrival time of your flight holding a sign with your name on it.

Question: I’m travelling with a large amount of luggage. Will there be any extra charges?

The maximum number of luggage our vehicles can carry is 4 medium sized or 3 large sized suitcases. However if you are planning on travelling with bulky luggage(oversized suitcases,  a bicycle or a wheelchair) please let us know in advance so we can provide you with a vehicle with the most spacious port baggage. No extra fees are charged for your luggage as long as they fit in one vehicle. If it doesn’t fit in one vehicle, we can arrange for a second vehicle to carry the rest of your luggage but on your own expense.

Question: What happens if there’s a delay in my flight?

The driver will be waiting for you even if your flight is delayed. We’re updated with any changes in the flight route. However, it would be useful if you could inform us.   There will be no extra charge for flight delays.

Question: I’m travelling with my child and I will be needing a child’s seat. Can you provide me with one?

We seriously take into account the safety of your children. Baby and child seats can be available as long as you have requested for one when filling out the reservation form. No extra charge will be applied for this type of service.

Question: How and when do I pay?

Payment can be made only in cash directly to the taxi driver when arriving at your destination.